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In the heart of the Upper Tiber Valley . . . there exists an ancient farm villa in a tranquil landscape overlooked by Montone, an Etruscan hilltop village and one of the most beautifully restored medieval villages in all of Italy. This is Bacciana, a farmhouse in ruins dating from the 17th century, which still awaits restoration. Nearby is its annesso, an old tobacco-drying barn that has been reconstructed as a spectacular house, now available for rent. 

The farmhouse, Bacciana Primo, comprises 370 square meters of space on two levels plus a small third level in its stone tower. Many solutions for its development are possible, only one of which is shown on the following pages.  Italian law in rural Umbria permits new construction only in the form and volume of what already exists. Finding ruins in tranquil settings, yet close to a village, is all but impossible today. Bacciana Primo represents a very unusual opportunity to construct a new building to serve for the next 1000 years, in a countryside and culture unmatched anywhere else in the world. . .

In the heart of the Upper Tiber Valley . . .

Montone, Umbria


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