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In 2002 two architects from New York, Ned Baldwin and Gill Anderson, purchased Bacciana from the agricultural cooperative that farms the lands around it. Umbrian rural building regulations do not permit new buildings, only reconstruction of existing ones. They decided to rebuild Bacciana's existing tobacco drying barn into a three-bedroom villa, Bacciana Annesso. This was completed in 2006 and has been rented since. Ned and Gill spend much of the spring and fall there each year, returning to their New York practice the balance of the year. They seek a buyer for the main villa Bacciana Primo, which is in ruins, who will restore it to their satisfaction. Designs for its reconstruction presented here are provisional but representative of  what will be permitted under the law. The same construction team Ned and Gill assembled for Bacciana Annesso stands ready to carry out the work within an 18 month period.

View of Bacciana Primo from the north-west

Views from the Bacciana Primo site (above and below)

In the heart of the Upper Tiber Valley . . .

Montone, Umbria


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