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The pool is 4 metres in diameter and is set amongst fields and olive trees with excellent views of Montone. It is fitted with a novel paddle wheel that allows swimming in place against the current generated by the wheel.

The paddle wheel is an experimental device and while it is fitted with rubber blades and turns very slowly, it is still conceivable that a child or other inattentive person could have a limb caught by it and be seriously injured. Unfortunately all attempts thus far to devise a practical fixed barrier have proven only to create a new hazard. Accordingly, all guests that wish to use the wheel are asked to sign a waiver of liability.

The pool is heated by a passive solar collector built of black concrete flush with the ground. This system is drained in the winter to prevent freezing but does extend the comfortable swimming season from mid-April till mid-October. In the summer months the collector is covered with hay to prevent overheating.

In the heart of the Upper Tiber Valley . . .

Montone, Umbria


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